There can be several reasons that children cannot go to school independently.

Student transportation

There can be several reasons why children can’t go to school by themselves. A school can be far from home, parents can’t guide their child or the child has a disability. In these cases Taxi Sittard-Geleen can provide in student transportation. Student transportation will normally be arranged by the municipality where you live. In addition, a municipality will set certain requirements as to whether your child is entitled to student transportation.

The rules concerning student transportation can therefore differ per municipality. For children with disabilities, student transport will be more easily accepted by the municipality than children who use student transport because of the distance. Usually a child will have to live at least six kilometers from school.

You will understand that student transport requires specific training and expertise from the driver. All of our drivers are properly trained. This way you know for sure that your child will be transported to school safely and comfortably by a well-known driver.

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